3-Axis Stabilizer

Luxuriously Smooth Video For The Modern Creator

Whether you’re an up-and-coming YouTube creator or a professional videographer, you know the type of feeling you get from smooth, shake-free video that captures an experience with the type of picture-perfect clarity that rivals flawless glass.

The type of visual that effortlessly glides your viewer along the exact cinematic experience you envisioned.

The type of enjoyment that emanates from your audience when they enjoy video without disruption.



- the Best Image Stabilizer


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Film it all. 4-8 Hour Charge

Like you, we’re creators: we bike, we board, we barrel down roads at top speeds. We know how important it is for you to be able to film everything exactly as you envisioned – without disruption from shake or a low-battery.

Lux video stabilizer equipment runs an incredible 4 to 8 hours, so you don’t need to worry about “what to film” & “what not to film” – now you can capture it all.

Seriously: Run in the wilderness. Ride that crazy rollercoaster. Bike along gritty terrain. Lux Gimbals lets you film it all – because your audience wants and needs more.

Full-Tilt, Full Control, Full Function

Turn on your gimbal and use it. No screws, no awkward cages, no hidden buttons, no stress. Our unique designs allow you to quickly change your settings, and to use your camera easily without missing the “ahhhhh!” moment. Leave your camera attached all day so you can quickly start filming when that perfect moment calls.

10 Years of Servomotor Excellence

With 10 years of servomotor design experience, Lux 3-axis gimbals give you incredible silky smooth stabilization. You won’t believe how luxuriously fluid the motor movements are. Your equipment shouldn’t limit your creativity; it should enhance it.

Filmmaking can be unenjoyable without the correct equipment for the right shot. Inspiration will strike you at any moment, and Lux Gimbals will always be ready to capture your shot effortlessly. Lux doesn’t just stabilize your shot: they perfectly capture your feeling.

Don’t just film the shot. Immerse yourself in it. The ProLux and Lumo handheld camara stabilizers make video perfection possible.

Trailblazing Stabilizer Technology

With 10 years of producing excellence, anything short of first-rate is never good enough for us, and especially not for you.

  • Super Smooth Servomotors

    Our unique algorithms ensure the smoothest motor movements on the market.

  • Ergonomic Design

    Full access to your camera screen and controls. Attaches fast without tools.

  • Ultra Long Battery Life

    Never stop filming. Lux brand 3-axis gimbals last most of a day.

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum

    No plastic. Anywhere. It’s tough 6061 aluminum body will travel with you anywhere.

  • Self-Calibrating

    No annoying counterweights. Instant centerline for perfect balance. Fast self-calibrating startup.

How can we offer such a high quality product for such a low price?

Because there is no middleman. The Internet has broken down all doors and barriers, leaving you only with quality for less. This allows you to execute your vision without limitation.

Perfect for Complex Creative Scenes

If necessity is the mother of invention, then adaptability is its father

Remove your creative limitations. Mount your stabilizer onto a ¼ screw mount tripod and nail those tricky long exposure shots. Get that immense panoramic photograph. Film those unique time-lapse videos.

Lux Gimbals makes it all possible and all-limitless.


  • Dimension

    270mm * 35mm * 85mm

  • Working Voltage

    6.5V - 8.4V

  • Rolling Angle

    50° ~ 50°

  • Weight


  • Working Time

    4 - 8 hours

  • Heading Angle

    -160° (Left) --- +160° (Right)

  • Heading Following

    1°/sec ~ 80° /sec

  • Pitching Following Rate

    1° /sec ~ 50° /sec


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